Knob CAT-BT Style. Metric & Inch

BT-CAT Style Pull Stud BT-CAT40 Retention Knob BT-CAT50 Fits Haas Machine Tool

Made from fine alloy steel 20CrMnTi.
Pass hardness and anti-crack test. Custom design accepted.
Kindly Note: Please make sure the Retention Knob you choose is the right one for your machine. Using wrong Retention Knob can cause damage to your machine.
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Product Features

1. Each pull stud is tested thoroughly which ensures the quality of the pull stud

2. Made from fine alloy steel 20CrMnTi with treatment to HRC 53-57

3. Hard outside and soft inside, with higher wear resistance and better toughness

4. High quality black oxide ensures long pull stud life and a non-rusting surface

5. Precision turning on all critical surface

6. Large selection for specific machine models, custom design accepted

Trade Name Knob fits boring machine.
The Article No. Please contact us for detail.
Material 20 CrMnTi
Hardness Hardness of Head 53-57

Machine Parts

Name: Flange - Black Oxide 

Brand: SFX 

Origin: China 

Milling and polishing ensure the smooth of the flat.

Main Features

Name: Head 
Brand: SFX 
Origin: China
Thrust surface and non-thrust surface are achieved by one time cutting. It ensures the accuracy and smooth.

Machine Parts

Name: Thread
Origin: China
Unique patented design of appearance makes thread more beautiful and easier to process. The polishing process ensures thread smooth and a long life.


High quality low carbon alloy steel processing thread after carburizing and quenching;
The holder with high hardness (Resistance to wear and long service life);
The thread with slightly low hardness (contributing to protecting the thread of tool holder);
The core with the lowest hardness (resistance to shock), accurate dimensions and applicable for high-end tool holder.
Pull Stud

BT-CAT40 Pull Stud