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Notes for Ordering

Notes for Ordering

Introduction to Pull Stud Type N, Type A, Type B

Type N:

Thecnology: The blank of high quality steel 20CrNimo (SNCM220)is made by whole forging to ensure the stability and tightness of the metal organization. Abrasion resistance, rust resistance and tensile resistance is much better.

Type A


High quality low carbon alloy steel processing thread after carburizing and quenching; the holder with high hardness (Resistance to wear and long service life); the thread with slightly low hardness (contributing to protecting the thread of tool holder); the core with the lowest hardness (resistance to shock), accurate dimensions and applicable for high-end tool holder.

Type B


High quality low carbon alloy steel carburizing and quenching, hard externally and soft internally, excellent resistance to impacts.  Moderate price

Notes for Ordering
1. According to the demand to identify the type of pull studs (N, A and B) and appearance [black tooth (Fig.1), all black (Fig.2) and white tooth (Fig.3]. It is also necessary to give detailed indication in case of special requirements.

2. As for the independent packing of pull studs, the colorless see-through plastic bags(Fig. 4) are used. It should be additionally noted if independent paper box package is needed. 

3. According to the required type to determine the corresponding order No., refer to the packing to determine the order quantity. The common packing: 25/bag and 500/box for 30 series; 25/bag and 300/box for 40 series; 10/bag and 80/box for 50 series(Fig. 5). 

4. Reserve the right to change the packing, appearance, non-critical dimension. Any chances will be subject to the company website without additional notices.

5.Minimum order quantity is 2000USD.

 Branded Pull Studs Order Notes

1. Adopt the type A pull stud with white tooth or All Black appearance, unless otherwise noted. 
2. As for the independent packing of pull studs, the colorless see-through plastic bags and SFX branded paper are used (Fig.6). 
3. Determine the type and corresponding order No. as required. The common packing for reference: 100pcs / carton for frequently-used 30, 40 series; 50pcs / carton for 50 series (Fig. 7). 
4. If the order amount exceeds 1000RMB, free shipping is available (Hong kong, Macao, Taiwan and remote areas are excluded). 

Pull Stud Dimension Confirmation 
1. When you are not sure about the order No., please measure dimensions of pull stud as below on the drawing and send the data to our seller to help you confirm the order No. 
2. For non-standard or customized pull studs, please provide the detailed drawing. Or send us the sample, we can measure it and make the drawing. We will arrange the production if the drawing is confirmed.