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HSK Coolant Tube, HSK63/HSK100 Coolant Tube Wrench for HSK Holders

Application for the coolant supply through the centre of HSK tool holders.
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  1. Manufactured out of a high quality 40CrMo for easy use and durability
  2. Coolant tube with 2 sealing rings, Special O-ring up to 120 bar, angular movement ±1°, polished
  3. Prevent spindle damage.
  4. Special heat treatment is carried out on the superluminescent surface.
  5. Wrench has two prongs to easily grip coolant tube for easy installation.


Note:Axial sealed with two O-rings. After mounting, the coolant tube can be moved only to a minimum degree according to DIN (±1°).

Coolant Pipe HSK Coolant Tube Wrench