CAT Pull Stud Spanner

CAT50 Pull Stud Spanner Fits CAT50-A45 Degree Pull Stud

Manufacturer Direct CAT50 Pull Stud Spanner  High Quality 42CrMo Super-strength Steel  Durability
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Trade Name CAT50 Pull Stud Spanner 
Standard  CAT50 Type
Material  42CrMo Ultrahigh-strength Steel
Brand SFX /OEM

Product Advantage
1.The Pull Stud Spanner won’t damage the pull studs. Avoid skidding and accidents.
2.High quality medium carbon steel is adopted as materials of spanner head. The surface
hardness of spanner is higher than pull studs reaching HRC58-62 to be durable.
3.Blackening the surface of the spanner and installing the rubber handle after chroming gives it
a delicate appearance and a comfortable feel.
4.Each batch of products would be sampled for toque testing to ensure the safety.