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Xincheng Precison | Introduction of Balanced ER Nut

Tool holder nut refers to a fastener of tool and collet chuck, which is installed on the tool holder. As key part to fix tools, its own reliable mechanical performance and excellent dynamic balance performance are critical for ensuring stability of the spindle and tool during high-speed rotation. Traditional eccentric nut can not meet the requirements with rapid development of high-speed and high-precision processing. On the one hand, the unbalance in structure design of eccentric nut make the tool holder shaking to affect precision and surface finish of the processed workpiece in the high-speed cutting and machining process. On the other hand, eccentric nut need to be drilled on the surface for removing materials to correct dynamic balance after processing completion which will affect appearance, which may lead to vibration of spindle and tool system, and thus causing abrasion of lathe and destructive accidents in serious condition. 

Balanced structure ER nut can ensure balanced distribution of overall weight on circumference in structure and amend the unbalance due to uneven materials of the nut or blank defect. Excellent processing technology make the product balance accuracy precision higher than ordinary eccentric round nut to improve processing accuracy and the service life of the lathe.